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Aliens is one of the first pieces of fan-fiction that I ever wrote, back in late 1979, about six and a half years before Aliens was released. I was too young to see Sir Ridley Scott's genre-changing masterpiece - the original 1979 Alien - but I studied the photo-novel and the novelization scrupulously. Now, I get to put vision to my original intent of making a Xenomorph-based fan-fiction work, and it would not be possible without the extreme talent and kindness of the persons below. If you see something that you created and that I haven't acknowledged and thanked you for here on this page, PLEASE contact me and let me know so that I can fix the omission and apologize to you publicly and profusely.

  • S M1 Helmet: retroDevil. (sharecg.com)
  • Smartgun: Helgard (aka Numanoid) from original mesh by Derrin Proctor
  • M-41A Pulse-Rifle: 3dregenerator (tf3dm.com)
  • USS Sulaco/Montero: Helgard/Vanishing Point, Inc. (sharecg.com)
  • Dropship: Derrin Proctor with custom cockpit interior by Tim Birch
  • APC: McBombi (tf3dm.com)
  • UTR-130 Sniper-Rifle: tharidu (tf3dm.com)
  • Xenomorph - Smooth: Swidhelm
  • Xenomorph - Ridged: WarTech (FoRender.com)
  • XenoMutant: WarTech (FoRender.com)
  • Ovomorph 1: 3dregenerator (tf3dm.com)
  • Ovomorph 2: WarTech (FoRender.com)


Here are the links that inspire me when it's time to work on Aliens: Renaissance, in no particular order:

  • Aliens: Legacy - the home-page of the Aliens/Colonial Marines costuming group. My own Colonial Marine armor is almost done, and if you want to do your own Alien/Aliens-inspired costume, this website/forum is THE place to start.
  • Alien: Lucky Star - a web-comic based on the fascinating premise of a direct sequel to Alien (1979) picking up immediately after we see Ripley (and Jonesy!) going into cryo-sleep aboard the Narcissus. Brilliantly written by Olaf Brunson and beautifully hand-drawn by Roberto Huerta!