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There are several very talented individuals who have created resources featured in Star Trek: Legends. They are listed below, with more credits being added as the series progresses. If you see something that you created and that I haven't acknowledged and thanked you for here on this page, PLEASE contact me and let me know so that I can fix the omission and apologize to you publicly and profusely.

I thank them all profusely and humbly for their artistry, creativity, attention to detail, hard work, and generosity.

  1. FaceMorphs
    1. Uhura and McCoy - created by Smith and Mylochka, updated for Genesis by PDSmith
    2. Imperial Alien headmorphs for Klingons, Vulcans and Romulans by jvilmur2
    3. Tellarite V4 Morphs - Mylochka
    4. Various background FaceGen morphs - Eric Baird, www.relativitybook.com/CoolStuff/facebank.html
  2. Wardrobes - Uniforms, Poses, etc
    1. Federation
      1. StarFleet Uniforms - Jed Hirsch
      2. StarFleet Security Uniform - Bluto
      3. StarFleet EVA Suit - Mbbruffy
      4. Vulcan Costumes - Mylochka
      5. Harry Mudd's Cavalier Hat - Dyald
      6. Landing Party, Away Team, Science, and other Poses - Mylockhka
    2. Klingon
      1. Shoulderpads and Belts - EisMaus
      2. Shirt, Sash, and Overcoat - Esgaroth
      3. Pants and Boots - JamesJAB
    3. Romulan
      1. Romulan Uniforms - Mylochka
  3. Hair and Skin-Textures
    1. McCoy's hair, Scotty's hair, Spock's hair, Sulu's hair, Uhura's hair, Klingon hair - Mylochka
    2. Andorian, Orion. Tellarite, and Vulcan skin-textures and hair - Mylochka
  4. Texture Maps
    1. Various - the fine folks at www.TextureZ.com - a great place for FREE and HIGH QUALITY HD textures!!!
    2. Solar System Planetary Texture - http://laps.noaa.gov/albers/sos/sos.html
  5. Fonts
    1. Main webcomic font - "Evil Genius" - blambot.com

Star Trek Links

There are a LOT of VERY talented Star Trek fans out there doing their own Star Trek fan projects, all of whom are better at it than I am. I'd like to recognize them and thank them for their inspiration, and point you toward their amazing projects as well. They are listed below, in alphabetical order.

  • Star Trek: Aurora - another Star Trek Daz/Carrara project, but fully animated as well - absolutely STUNNING!!!
  • Star Trek Continues - Vic Mignona's FANTASTIC continuation of Star Trek: The Original Series. It even has James Doohan's son Chris playing Scotty!
  • Star Trek: New Voyages - James Cawley's SPLENDID recreation of Star Trek: The Original Series. It's so fantastic that there are actual Star Trek legends themselves - Walter Koenig, George Takei, Grace Lee Whitney, and others - involved in its production!
  • Star Trek: Save What From Heaven - the best traditionally-illustrated original-castcrew movie-Star Trek comic I've ever seen, on the web or in print. The artwork is better than professional, and the writing and story are brilliant as well. If I had the talent, Save What From Heaven is what I would have chosen to do instead of this 3D webcomic.
  • TrekComic.com - a thought-provoking, very well-written and equally artistic hand-drawn TOS-era Star Trek webcomic. It's Sunday-comics retro art-style is an absolute treat to admire, and the stories - of other crews and people set during the TOS-era - are masterfully written as well.

Other Links

An artist's job is to find inspiration wherever it presents itself, and I've been fortunate enough to be exposed to some wonderful influences over the years, particularly in the making of this project. Some of then are listed below, in no particular order.

  • RedSkirtsOnline - I know half the people behind this project personally, and thus I can personally guarantee you this homage to Star Trek will be absolutely brilliant.
  • Crimson Dark - in my opinion the best 3D-rendered webcomic on the Web: dazzling graphics and a compelling story that will keep you clicking on the "Next" button for HOURS...
  • Space: 1970 - A wonderful blog for lovers of 1970's-1980's sci-fi movies, books, television, and general grognardian reminiscing. Chris Mills' site regularly posts fascinating articles on sci-fi classics such as Space 1999, the original-cast Star Trek, the first three Star Wars films, the Aliens movies, the original Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers (the Gil Gerard series), and other favorites.