Given the HUGE amount of greeblies (small mechanical parts for lots of detail on a spaceship) on my Battlestar Galactica Carrara model, I've had to make this gallery a little different from my Star Wars, Star Trek, Bladerunner, military, and other 3D galleries. I wanted these images to be extra-large on my website, so that you can better see just how much detail I've put into this monster of a project. Thus, there are thumbnails below, that will launch the corresponding larger image in a separate browser window. This project is ongoing - I started it back on New Year's Day of 2007, and have been working on it ever since, slavishly re-creating EVERY greeblie from the original filming model, from a TON of reference photos, studio model blueprints, and even studying a 100% accurate re-creation of the filming model that I travelled to Wonderfest 2008 to examine closely.

The Colonial Vipers are actually finished (for now.) They're very highly-detailed as well, including fully-built Coloniai Viper Pilots (Colonial Warriors) inside the cockpits, lit by the lights coming from their instrument panels. As for the Cylon Raiders, I'll work on upgrading them once the battlestar itself is completed - IF that day ever arrives...

BattleSar - Bow/Keel - Small

Front-top View of the Battlestar Galactica

Back-top View of the Battlestar Galactica

Front-bottom View of the Battlestar Galactica

The Battlestar
Galactica's bridge

The Battlestar Galactica's Landing-Bay

Colonial Vipers
on patrol

Colonial Vipers
on patrol

Cylon BaseStar

Cylon Imperious

Cylon Centurion

Lastly, here is a quick photograph of my 3D workstation (pardon the mess!) that shows you why I feel a particular affinity for the original Battlestar Galactica series. Note the real Cylon helmet on the printer. That, plus the BSG soundtrack, always puts me in the mood to make Galactica 3D artwork in Carrara! (The helmet is part of my Cylon Centurion costume, which is still under construction. The "metal" parts are actually made of fiberglass, and it has a working red eye as well.)

Cylon helmet

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